Marine UK Leaders of full 1080P Marine Cameras 

  Why Vision Marine  

Vision marine is world's leading Manufacturer of Marine Cameras and one of few running an Internal Research & Development Department. For More Than 20 Years Vision marine has been designing, producing and supplying marine cameras for top market brands. In 2017 Vision marine begun to offer its products on the retail market.

Efficiency night and day 

Visionmarine's patented Starlux technology delivers excellent image capture up to 40 meters radius with minimal illumination (0.01 lux) and fast adaption during luminosity fluctuation.

High built quality

All Vision marine cameras are subject to harsh dehumidifying moisture and salt spray tests (immersion in water for up to 24 hours) while production facilities have stable temperature and humidity conditions.


The main characteristic of the marine cameras is the anti-corrosion resistance and Vision marine is the market leader. Its top anti-corrosion technology and material quality have enabled Visionmarine to produce the first underwater camera for commercial use offering a 2 year warranty!

Compatibility with Existing Systems

Marine camera installation usually takes place during a security system upgrade process on an existing system. An important feature, therefore, is the compatibility of any new component with the existing infrastructure. Vision marine offers a full range of both analogue and network IP cameras and recording systems.

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