Wireless Vehicle Camera Solutions

Forklift Solution

Magnetic Wireless Forklift Camera: CSP-410

A Forklift has limited visibility when carrying materials and cause serious injuries and deaths each year in the UK. 

A wireless forklift camera can help increase visibility for the driver and productivity whilst reduce injuries to those nearby. 

All of our wireless cameras are high definition giving you the best image available.

Crawler Crane Solution

Magnetic Camera

Bracket: MMB

Magnetic Rechargeable

Battery Pack: RBP

Wireless camera fitted to the Crawler Crane Hook giving the driver increased visibility and improving safety

Heavy Duty Wireless

Camera CSP-W402

7" Wireless Monitor Built-in

Recorder: 7MRW

Airport Vehicles Solution

Heavy Plant Solution

HGV Lorries 

Caravans & Horsebox 

Not only can our cameras increase commercial vehicles visibility but we can also increase the visibility with domestic vehicles such as caravans and horseboxes. 

Helping you safely maneuver these vehicles by increase your view on our HD quality cameras. 

Agricultural Vehicles 

Agricultural vehicles must be monitored well to increase safety of those around but also to protect the equipment and crops. 


If the driver cant see around the vehicle very well they may be collecting too much soil or missing crops. 

Having a wireless cameras attached to the vehicle can increase the drivers visibility, reduce incidents and improve productivity.

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